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Marmite: Neglect

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Marmite neglect is a big problem. 67% of the UK’s population have got a jar lurking at the back of a cupboard. 

We brought The Marmite Rescue Unit to the streets of Britain to help fight this plague. 

A 90 second TV ad directed by James Rouse won a Gold Lion for Film at Cannes 2014 as well as TV Commercial of the Year at the British Arrows.
Extra content featured interviews with the Rescue Unit team and other scenes deemed too shocking for TV broadcast. 

David Sykes photographed peoples' cupboards for us. We put these appalling scenes on poster sites all over the country and picked up a Gold Lion for Outdoor.

We persuaded Marmite to put a new limited edition jar on the shelves and the story of Marmite Neglect made its way onto the front page of The Daily Telegraph and onto UK TV.